Tom Albrighton

Copywriter and author of 'Copywriting Made Simple'. Co-founder of Professional Copywriters' Network. When not doing words I’m usually doing miles.

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What kind of writing does Tom do?

Advertising copywriting, conversion copywriting, email copywriting, website copywriting.

How Tom can help you:

I'm a copywriter and co-founder (with Ben Locker) of the Professional Copywriters' Network.

I began my career in publishing, went freelance in 2005 and formed ABC Copywriting two years later.

I work with clients from sole traders and startups right through to blue-chips and multinationals. I also work with many creative, digital and PR agencies and offer professional editorial support to academics.

I've worked on slogans, websites, product brochures, online movies, articles, sales letters and emails, press releases, presentations, case studies, company profiles, books and academic papers.

My skills include writing, planning and structuring, editing and rewriting, improving or altering tone of voice, developing creative concepts, interviewing and working with non-native English speakers.

I have authored an e-book, Copywriting Masterclass, blog regularly at my website and guest blog for Econsultancy, the leading digital marketing website.

What’s it like to work with Tom:

“ I got exactly what I needed. Tom understood the problem and came back with a perfect solution. I highly recommend his copywriting services. “

- Ami Simon, Click To Keep

“ The copy is succinct, innovative and brilliantly put together. “

- Jim Stimpson, Managing Director, Ecorad
Monday Nov 5 2018