Rich Smartt

Freelance copywriter & voice actor working in tech (startups, brands, agencies)
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What kind of writing does Rich do?

Advertising copywriting, website copwriting. Also voiceover. 

How Rich can help you:

I help you find the words that gain and keep happy customers.
The net effect is your business looks, sounds (and actually becomes) like the business
you want it to be when it’s "all grown up"... only better. Better because I’ll help you clarify what this looks and sounds like today—for your market, as well as shake off all the bloat that isn’t serving you or your customers.
It's not just that this coming-of-age resonates with your prospects, it's that your
business, properly described, is truer to you and to them. Truer because it's your story, and because I'll help you tell it your way.

As a result you can expect more clicks, more traction, more questions (from people who
really care about what you're doing) and, ultimately, the power to help more of these
people get what they need. After all, that's why we started our businesses, right?
If you answered that last question in the affirmative, give me ring on 07480 855 853
or say hi at Let's find your people, and keep 'em happy!

What’s it like to work with Rich:

“ Rich’s voice was perfect for our needs. We’ve worked with him on a few projects and have always found his attitude to be professional, his approach to be adaptable and his voice to be characterfully distinct. “

- Nick Turner, Watering Can Media

Monday Nov 5 2018