Michal Eisikowitz

Results-obsessed copywriter who’s spent over a decade turning clients into WINNERS. I believe good copy is an exquisite reflection of the brand, and I’ll dig deep to discover that brand.

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What kind of writing does Michal do?

Conversion copywriting, email copywriting, website copywriting.

What’s it like to work with Michal:

“ If you get the chance to work with Michal, seize it. She’s a terrific copywriter who invests the time and effort to truly understand the customer's needs to get the right response (and sales). All the pieces are here — great writer, smart strategist, easy to work with. Hire her. She's that good. “

- Rob Marsh, CEO of Branstory

“ Michal doesn’t just write well; she writes to generate a measurable increase in sales and conversions. And when I work with her, I know that projects will be done quickly and efficiently the first time around. A talented professional! ”

- Tzivia Cohen, Chief Marketing Strategist, 14 Minds

Monday Nov 5 2018