Lianna Patch

Conversion copy + comedy + cats. Working mostly with ecommerce and SaaS. Wanna write better, funnier copy?

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What kind of writing does Lianna do?

Conversion copywriting, email copywriting, funny copywriting, website copywriting.

How Lianna can help you:

Imagine you’re at a party.

You’re hanging out, chitchatting with friends. There’s that one guy who all the partygoers are avoiding: the guy in the wrinkled khakis and white button-down.

He doesn’t seem to have anything to say, but he keeps sidling up to you and just standing there.

That guy is the personification of 95% of businesses online. Faceless, forgettable, and frankly, fucking annoying. That guy can’t close a deal. That guy can barely hold a conversation. You do not want to be that guy.

That’s where I come in.

I can take your online words and make them work harder to make you ca$h. Or fame. Or love. The only thing I can’t do is bring people back from the dead.

What’s it like to work with Lianna:

“ Lianna delivered a fantastic job, and did everything she could to guarantee the success of our product launch. Not only does she have a brilliant copy style, but she also spent a lot of time understanding my market and customers, surveying them and analyzing their needs,
to deliver the perfect message. She’s highly professional, responsive… and she delivers on time! Highly recommended ”

- Vincent Le Moign, EGO Icons
Monday Nov 5 2018