Laura Belgray

Owner, Talking Shrimp, for creative web copywriting & tv promos.

Website ︎ Talking Shrimp
Twitter ︎ @lbelgray
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What kind of writing does Laura do?

Advertising copywriting, Conversion copywriting, Website copywriting.

How Laura can help you:

Anything that makes people say “I want to watch/ buy/ make friends with/ join/ eat that.” For TV, we’re talking promos, taglines, upfronts, online content, print campaigns, those little ads you always see in the margins of Facebook and Google. (Not the acai berry one. You can blame someone else for that.)

What’s it like to work with Laura:

“ Her writing, wit, and humor are a gift to the world. She is beyond amazing at creative brainstorming and has helped me shape so so so many ideas that have become hugely profitable. She’s simply the BEST and I cannot recommend her highly enough! “

- Marie Forleo

“ I bring her pretty good copy and she turns it into spectacular, shiny, totally jumping off the page making people take action copy. It’s amazing and it happens every time. The first time I worked with her on a sales page I made $20K in one week. Woah Nelly! “

Kate Northrup, Author of “Money, A Love Story”

Monday Nov 5 2018