They are bold, persuasive, courageous, interesting and slightly crazy. Who the hell are these people? Turns out they are experts at writing words that make you dance the samba. Samba all the way to the bank. Because when you hire them, they write copy that 2X, 4X, or 10Xs your conversions and revenue.


Laura Belgray
Founder of Talking Shrimp. Word help for entrepreneurs, promos for TV.  ︎

Kira Hug
Brooklyn-based conversion copywriter + online strategist at Kira Hug Media ︎

Miguel Ferreira
Helps Indie Startups & Small Businesses who want to grow & compete with the Big Guys. ︎

Copy Samba is strictly invite only — Less than 6% of copywriters are accepted.


Tom Albrighton

Copywriter and author of 'Copywriting Made Simple'. Founder of ABC Copywriting ︎

Joel Klettke

SaaS and B2B copywriter. Pray for your competitors: after you hire me, they’ll need it.  ︎

Vikki Ross 

Copywriter, Brand and Tone of Voice Specialist. Created #copywritersunite. ︎

Hillary Weiss

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Creative Beast. I type words into the internet and money comes out. ︎

Ash Ambirge

Trailer park girl turned entrepreneur. Hates fish. Writes things normal people are offended by. ︎

Lianna Patch

Conversion copy + comedy + cats. Working mostly with ecommerce and SaaS.  ︎

Clare Barry

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine. Copywriter. Also known as Copy Clare. ︎

Joanna Wiebe

The original conversion copywriter, and the creator of Copy Hackers. ︎
Joe Coleman
I come up with words and concepts that help you win pitches and pick up awards. ︎

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Monday Nov 5 2018