Hillary Weiss

Copywriter | Ghostwriter | Writerwriter | Creative Beast. Maker of The Wordshops. I type words into the internet and money comes out.

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What kind of writing does Hillary do?

Conversion copywriting, ghostwriting, web copywriting.

How Hillary can help you:

Hillary Weiss is the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker over at hillaryweiss.com. Since 2011, she’s helped over 150 brands find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language, and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too.

What’s it like to work with Hillary:

“As soon as she immersed her creative brain into our project, I was blown away by the quality and style of her language as she wove the story of our brand – hitting every deadline, and just making it happen every step of the way.”

- David Sherry, Founder of Death to the Stock Photo

“Hillary paid for herself within the first 7 days of using her copy. How’s that for a killer ROI?PS – Do I recommend her? Yes… but also no. Because she has limited availability and I need as much of her wizardry as possible.”

- Shaun Singh | Founder of MakeChange.co

Monday Nov 5 2018